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Our 7x12 Raft trailer $2300 cash WITH 15 INCH TIRES AND SPARE

NEW Custom built raft trailers made right here in Montana


No one, builds a better, stronger trailer than this.

Full 7' foot wide (not 80" inches,) 12' foot long.

Made with 3/16ths thick 3inch channel steel, fully welded, 3" channel cross supports and gusseted.

Tri frame A-frame tongue prevents tongue from breaking or bending when you hit something backing it up.

8' sub frame made from 3" channel ties into 4 different cross members (3'' inch channel and angle) and welded to 5200 lb rated spring holders, with 3500lb springs.
8" wheel jack or Optional Drop foot jack, pull pin and let it fall to ground then start turning it, no need for block under jack. This jack is triple support welded, with grease zerk, set back 24" from front so you can still open your tailgate . I put these jacks on our 7000 gvw trailers also. it is not going to bend sideways when you drop the trailer with a load on it.

Due to problems that we have seen with 2000# axles, we only use a solid 3500 lb Dexter EZ lube axles, we use 3500# instead of 2000# axles because the have a bigger set of bearings than the 2000# axles so it means that they last longer. they also have a ez lube grease fitting on the hub for seasonal maintenance.

Full size 15" tires and wheels, 205 trailer radials, with spare, not smaller tires that turn faster and wear out bearings on highway. more ground clearance for getting over rocks and rolling over logs.
( I also sell them without tires and wheels if you want it cheaper or have tires yourself)

Custom 2.5 x 6.5 decking milled right here in Montana, extra thick, stained with oil penetrating stain. Our deck boards fit in bolt down steel pockets for easy replacement in 20 years. Bolts don't go though decking( this causes decking to split over time due to flexing). also makes deck easy to remove for trailer painting or rhino lining in the future. (Also available undecked for discounted price, so if you want to install your own plywood that will rot out in a few years.)

2 coat of primer and 2-5coats Rustoleum brand Black paint, (also available unpainted if you have your own custom plans, rhino lining, truck color, or want to save a few bucks,)

Raft package:
2'' full length roller bar, removable
sky winch and 20 ' strap, lifts rafts up as you winch it on trailer
spare tire mount in A-frame tongue.
tie down loop in rear center for locking down back of raft
10 steel stake pockets on sides and front for building side boards for enclosing or firewood racks.
plus 2 more stake pockets on tongue for strapping down ramps or securing front of raft.

I recommend this size, it holds a 12' -14' foot raft, or a 10' foot raft and a toolbox, it will also carry 3 ATV's sideways.

available in 5',6',80",7',and 8' widths
8'-20' lengths
call for pricing

Call Jeffrey-James at Orange Acres 370-5466 for more info.

Built by a Montana, who loves rivers and knows how rough Rock Creek and Blackfoot river roads can be.
Proud participant of the Blackfoot river cleanup.