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Raft Trailers For Sale

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NEW Custom built raft trailers made right here in Montana. No one builds a better, stronger trailer than us.
Full 80" inches wide x 10' foot long. Or 7x12, 8x10 and 8x12. Tilt and non tilt tongue available.

Grade A36 steel, will not stress fracture like aluminum trailers. Made with 3/16 thick, 3 inch channel steel, fully welded 360 degrees. 3" channel cross support on tongue and sub frames. Welded to 5200lb rated spring holders, with 3500lb springs. Full length sub-frame keeps axles from coming up though deck.

These are a heavy duty Tri-Frame Tongue. 3" tube tongue made of 3/16" inch steel, 50% thicker than the competition, giving it more tongue weight for a better pull and preventing fishtailing on the highway as is common with light weight trailers. 2x3 A-frame supports on tongue prevent tongue from breaking or bending when you hit something backing up.

Due to common problems with 2000lb axles made in China, and Lipert brand axles (read bad reviews online), we only use a solid 3500lb Dexter EZ lube axles made in the U.S.A. We use 3500lb axles instead of 2000lb axles because they have a bigger set of bearings and last longer. They also have an EZ lube grease fitting on the hub for easy seasonal maintenance. If you don’t have EZ lube hubs you must remove the wheel and hub to pack the bearings, and incorrectly packing the bearings can cause the wheel to seize resulting in tire blow out or the wheel falling off completely and rolling into oncoming traffic.

Comes with full size tires and wheels, trailer steel belted radials, not smaller 12'' or 8'' inch tires that turn faster and wear out bearings on highway. Many manufactures are using bias ply tires to save $20, not steel belted radials, and this results in more frequent blow outs that leave you stranded on the highway. 13” or optional 15” tires for more ground clearance and for getting over rocks and rolling over logs.

Custom 2 x 6 decking milled right here in Montana, and stained with Thompson timber oil l stain. Our deck boards fit in bolt-down steel pockets for easy replacement in 20 years. Screws don't go though decking (this causes decking to split over time due to flexing). This also makes the deck easy to remove for trailer painting or rhino lining in the future. Trailers are also available undecked for a discounted price, in case you want to install your own plywood that will rot out in a few years.

2 coats of primer and 2-5 coats of Rustoleum brand black paint. Trailers are also available unpainted if you have your own custom plans, rhino lining, truck color, or want to save a few bucks.

Also comes with boxed in taillights and front marker lights, DOT stickers,  LED lights 


Tilt tongue $250; rebar side rail $60;
 2” flat side rails $100;
 upgrade to 15” wheels and tires $50 each; 13” spare tire $100; 15” spare tire $150

Optional galvanized decking available on 10 foot trailers.
see video here--->

Raft package: 2'' full length removable rear roller bar, will not bend. No bearing to pack full of dust and seize or break. Sky winch and 20' strap lifts rafts up as you winch it on trailer. Tie down loop in rear center for locking down back of raft. Tie down loops on sub-frame so you can used ratchet straps without the ratchets rubbing on your tubes. Steel stake pockets on sides and front for building side boards for enclosing or firewood racks, plus 2 more tie down loops on tongue for strapping down ramps or securing front of raft. 4.5 foot extended tongue.

Call Jeffrey-James at Orange Acres Welding 370-5466 for more info.
Built by a Montanan, who loves rivers and knows how rough Rock Creek and Blackfoot river roads can be.
Proud participant of the Blackfoot river cleanup.