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Located behind Auto Sales IN ARLEE MT. we have the best reviews for raft trailers for sale

2019 trailers for flyfishing and whitewater rafts
Best Built Raft Trailers FOR SALE in Montana

WHY? cause where others cut costs we throw down more money to make a better trailer.

Lets start with a 3500# gvw made in the USA dexter EZ lube Axle , not cheap imitations or Chinese axles. not 2000# axles, but 3500# cause the have bigger bearings and less revolutions on the highway. with the EZ lube you can grease the axle without removing the tires.

Springs not torsion axles - do you want heavy duty fool proof springs like an F350 or Jeep, or a torsion axle like a hyundia - enough said

5200# spring hangers weld 360 degrees to a 3 inch channel steel subframe - cause lets face aluminum frames and hangers are not going to take the abuse of you driving 45 mph on the worse washboard dirt road when the fish are biting or when its beer thirty. aluminum cracks like a grain of salt. grade a36 steel has the right amount of flex and strength so it does not break.

3/16" Tri-Frame extra long tongue - not 1/8'' - we are 50% thicker and 200% stronger for when you jackknife your tounge on your trailer  or some idiot hits it in the packed full parking lot

Schedule 80  full width roller bar and winch with 20 foot strap, you can stand on this bar and it will not bend, no bearing to pack full of dirt and sieze or fall apart. hook the strap to the raft or build a rope undersling attached to your rafts frame, and crank it up .

Optional tilt triframe tongue, for those that want to leave coolers full of fish and beer in the raft and drag it up loaded.

Kiln dried Fir 2x6 decking that can all be removed with 3 bolts. We build our trailers to last longer then the 20 year wood. Oil stain, not latex paint. optional 20 gauge galvenized steel decking also available.

Painted and primered on top and bottom, rustolum gloss black. IF you dont look good , we dont look good. we paint them in the air 360 degrees. Touch them up with a rustolum black spraycans when you rub the gaurdrail on the highway.

Stakepockets loops and tiedowns

NEW for 2018 and 2019 --- LED lighting standard. front marker lights and back taillight guards.

80"x10' Raft Trailer with jack winch and roller bar, 13" tires and spare $1995
upgrade to 15'' tires add $150
add tilt tounge $250
add rebar tie down rail $50
add Galvanized steel decking $100
add wider axle and steel diamond plate fenders $200 (for lower deck)

7'x12' Raft Trailer with jack winch and roller bar, 15" tires and spare $2495
add tilt tounge $250
add rebar tie down rail $70

All prices Cash ONLY - no checks or credit cards, Military discounts available
All trades considered- pizza - cows - cars - float trips