Orange Acres Welding Custom Built Trailers in Arlee

Orange Acres Welding Custom Built Trailers in Arlee 406 370-5466

Located behind Auto Sales IN ARLEE MT.

Deck over wheels Raft Trailer for sale

here is an example of one of our deck over wheels raft trailers,

they feature a 3500 lb dexter ez lube axle, we use 3500# instead of 2000# axles because the have a bigger set of berrings than the 2000# axles that last longer. they also have a ez lube grease fitting

2x6 decking milled right here in montana

our deck boards fit in bolt down steel pockets for eazy replacement. bolts don't go though decking( this causes decking to split over time due to flexing).

3" channel frame and aframe tounge

available with:
roller bar
sky winch
spare tire mount
tie down loops
stake pockets
tool box mounts
13" or 15" tires and wheels
tounge jack, dropfoot jack, or swing lock jack

available in 6'-8' widths
8'-14' legnths
call for pricing 370-5466